Areas of Study


The Ceramics area provides the possibility of engagement with contemporary art and culture as it interfaces with ceramic media. Graduate students are challenged to experiment with form and meaning in traditional genres, or to originate expanded definitions of ceramics and mixed media, including ceramic elements in performance, architecture, and installation.

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The Interdisciplinary Studio area combines artistic production and directed research to support the development of site- and debate-specific forms of critical cultural engagement that extend beyond the framework of individual studio practice. ID students may work across artistic mediums, academic disciplines, and social concerns and are encourage to take advantage of UCLA's extensive academic resources over their three-year course of study.

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The New Genres curriculum includes moving image, sound, performance, installation, hybrid and emerging art forms. The program invites students to question preconceived notions of the roles art can play in culture, and to examine the ways that art operates in specific forms and mediums. To that end, students are encouraged to experiment with artistic process; to track the way that ideas change as they move through various modes of production; and to examine how content is affected by methods of display and dissemination.

For MFA applicants to the New Genres area, please note: New Genres may include artists who work in theater, film, music, writing, and new media, but generally only when they also have a strong engagement with the contemporary visual art field.

For more information, please visit the New Genres area and Digital Studio websites.


Within this specialization, graduate students are encouraged to examine and explore all the creative possibilities offered by two-dimensional art forms, while continuing to develop their own personal styles of expression. Students are encouraged to broaden their perceptual awareness through observation, translation, and invention of images and to develop their critical skills through discussion of the historical precedents for their work.

For more information, please visit the Painting & Drawing area website.


Focusing on the interrelation of photography and art, study in this area is directed toward works of art made using photographs. Ability to understand and discuss photography's unique historical, material, and narrative potential is emphasized over technical considerations. Work in installation art and video in conjunction with photography is encouraged.

For more information, please visit the Photography area's website.


This area enables graduate students to develop proficiency in various three-dimensional processes, materials, and techniques. Sculpture's basis is the exploration of three-dimensional contemporary expression with an aim to strengthen and focus each student's sense of personal direction in the arts.

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