Benjamin Britton, Panic Americana, oil on canvas, 96 x 180"

Department of Art Alumni

Following graduation from the UCLA Department of Art, many alumni are featured in solo exhibitions and group exhibitions in art galleries across the world, from Blum & Poe in Los Angeles to Tate Modern in London.

If you are an alumnus, please keep in touch! Complete our Alumni Contact Form and/or connect with the community at the School of the Arts and Architecture.

Current Alumni Highlights / Exhibitions on View

2018 Farrah Karapetian, MFA '08 was named a Fulbright U.S. Scholar and awarded a grant for her residency in St. Petersburg, Russia from March 2018 through August 2018.

Mar 18-Aug 19, 2018 Paul Mpagi Sepuya, MFA '16 in group exhibition, New Photogtaphy, at Museum of Modern Art, New York, New York.

Dec 9, 2017 Janna Ireland, MFA ‘13 in solo exhibition,of There is Only One Paul R. Williams: A Portrait by Janna Ireland, at Woodbury University Hollywood Outpost, Los Angeles, California.

November News Ana Fernandez, MFA '04 and Assistant Professor Rodrigo Valenzuela are recipients of The Joan Mitchell Foundation 2017 Painters & Sculptors Grants.

Nov 18-Jan 6, 2018 Shana Lutker MFA ‘05 in solo exhibition, a.k.a. Public Opinion, at Susanne Vielmetter, Los Angeles, California.

Nov 12-Dec 15, 2017 Emily Sudd, MFA’14, Christine Dianne Guiyangco, BA’14, Kim Truong, MFA ‘15, Armando Cortes, BA ‘12, Siobhan, Hebron BA ’12, Brittany Ko, BA ‘13, Nika Kolodziej, BA ‘13, Evelia Magallon BA ‘14, and Christian Maldonado BA ‘15 in group exhibition, The Terrain Biennial, at Mimosa Drive and Crestmoore Place in Los Angels, California.

Nov 11-Nov 30, 2017 Michael Cataldi, MFA '15 and Abigail Collins, MFA '15 in group exhibition, Hot Flat, at Angels Gate Cultural Center, San Pedro, California.

Nov 4-Dec 3, 2017 Emily Marchand, BA ‘12 and Lena Wolek, BA ‘12 in group exhibition, brittle peace, at NowSpace, Los Angeles, California.

Oct 28, 2017-Dec 9, 2017 Veronique d’Entremont MFA ‘12 and Jackie Rines MFA ‘17 in group exhibition, Memory Foam, at Eastside Inernational Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California.

Oct 28, 2017-Dec 23, 2017 Farrah Karapetian, MFA '08 in solo exhibition, Building Dwelling Thinking, at Von Lintel Gallery, Los Angeles, California.

Oct 28, 2017-Dec 9, 2017 Erin Morrison, MFA '14 in solo exhibition,The Letdown, at Ochi Projects, Los Angeles, California.

Oct 21-Nov 18, 2017 Ivan Iannoli, MFA ‘11 and China Adams, BA ‘95 in group exhibition, On Edge, at Arena 1 Gallery, Santa Monica, California.

Oct 14-Nov 25, 2017 Gerardo Monterrubio, MFA ‘13 in solo exhibition, Mano-Made: New Expression in Craft by Latino Artists, at The Craft in America Center, Los Angeles, California in conjunction with Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA.
Oct 14-Nov 18, 2017 Josh Callaghan, MFA '05 in solo exhibition, Legacy, at Night Gallery, Los Angeles, California.

Oct 13-Dec 2, 2017 Leon Benn, MFA '13 in group exhibition, Nostalgisms, at Able Baker Contemporary, Portland, Maine.

Oct 6-Nov 11, 2017 Leon Benn, MFA '13 in solo exhibition, Fields of Vision, at David B Smith Gallery, Denver Colorado.

Sept 23-Dec 16, 2017 Aaron Estrada, BA ‘16, Oscar Magallanes, BA ‘17, Gustavo Martinez, BA ‘15, and Ofelia Marquez Stephens, MFA ‘17 in group exhibition, Barrio Logos: Displacement and Vanishing Iconography, at Residency Art Gallery, Inglewood, CA in conjunction with Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA.

Sept 23, 2017-Feb 27, 2018 Barbara Carrasco, BA '78 in group exhibition at Union Station, Los Angeles, California in conjunction with Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA.

Sept 20-Jan 7, 2018 EJ Hill, MFA '13: group exhibition, Rendez-vous / 14th Biennale de Lyon at Institut d’art contemporain in Lyon,France.

Sept 14-Dec 10, 2017 Daria Martin, MFA '00: solo exhibition, A Hunger Artist, at Ernst Shering Foundation, Berlin, Germany.

Past Alumni Highlights
(prior to 11/17/2017)

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