Benjamin Britton, Panic Americana, oil on canvas, 96 x 180"

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Alumni Highlights

Mar 11-Apr 15, 2017 Becky Kolsrud, MFA '12: solo exhibition at Tif Sigfrids, Los Angeles.

Mar 8-Apr 23, 2017 Sharon Hayes, MFA '03; Michelle Dizon, MFA '08; and Dylan Mira, MFA '13 in I can call this progress to halt, at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE).

February News Meleko Mokgosi, MFA '11 was awarded the 2017 Vilcek Prize for Creative Promise from the Vilcek Foundation.

  Dawn Kasper, MFA '03 will participate in the 2017 Venice Biennale, Viva Arte Viva, May 13-Nov 26, 2017.

  Gala Porras-Kim, BA '07; Laeh Glenn, MFA '12; Nikita Gale, MFA '16; and Paul Sepuya, MFA '16 were awarded 2017 Los Angeles Emerging Artist Grants from the Rema Hort Mann Foundation.

Feb 25-Apr 1, 2017 Jennifer Dalton, BA '90: solo exhibition, Participation Trophy, at Charlie James Gallery, Los Angeles.

Feb 25-Mar 25, 2017 Amir Zaki, MFA '99: solo exhibition, Formal Matter, at ACME., Los Angeles.

Feb 23-Apr 15, 2017 Brenna Youngblood, MFA '06: solo exhibition, Affection, at Tilton Gallery, New York.

Feb 18-Mar 25, 2017 Masood Kamandy, MFA '12: solo exhibition, The Effect of Lightning on a Rainbow, at Luis de Jesus Los Angeles.

Feb 11-April 1, 2017 Nathan Mabry, MFA '04: solo exhibition, Under the Sun, at Praz-Delavallade, Paris.

Feb 6-28, 2017 George Barker, BA '10: in group exhibition, Ideas Materializing into the Unfamiliar, at Marlborough School, Seaver Gallery, Los Angeles.

January News Gala Porras-Kim, BA '07 received a 2017 Artist in Residence Project Space Award from Headlands Center for the Arts, Sausalito, CA.

Jan 29-Apr 2, 2017 Naotaka Hiro, BA '97 and Gala Porras-Kim, BA '07 in group exhibition, Between Words and Silence: The Work of Translation, at the Armory Center for the Arts, Pasadena, CA.

Jan 29-Mar 18, 2017 Ry Rocklen, BA '02; Nathan Mabry, MFA '04; Analia Saban, MFA '05; Matthew Brandt, MFA '08; EJ Hill, MFA '13 in group exhibition, I Love L.A., at Praz-Delavallade, Los Angeles.

Jan 29-Mar 5, 2017 Lisa Sitko, BA '08: solo exhibition, ill2, at Hakuna Matata, Los Angeles.

Jan 28-Mar 4, 2017 Mimi Lauter, BA '05: solo exhibition, Interiors, at Tif Sigfrids, Los Angeles.

Jan 28-July 8, 2017 Brenna Youngblood, MFA '06 in The Future is Abstract at the Harvey B. Gantt Center for African-American Arts+Culture, Charlotte, NC.

Jan 27-Mar 4, 2017 Phil Davis, BA '12: solo exhibition, MTV2, at Night Gallery, Los Angeles.

Jan 25-Mar 4, 2017 Olga Balema, MFA '09: solo exhibition, On the Brink of My Sexy Apocalypse at Hannah Hoffman, Los Angeles.

Jan 21-Feb 25, 2017 Kathleen Ryan, MFA '14: solo exhibition, Weightless Again, at Ghebaly Gallery, Los Angeles.

Jan 19-Feb 13, 2017 Nathan Danilowicz, MFA '07: solo inaugural exhibition, Millions of Years in Minutes Disappear, at Linda's Los Angeles, Jefferson Park.

Jan 14-Feb 18, 2017 Kurt Kauper, MFA '95; Amir Zaki, MFA '99; and Matthias Merkel Hess, MFA '10 in group exhibition, By the River, at ACME., Los Angeles.

Jan 14-Feb 18, 2017 Michael Dopp, MFA '09: solo exhibition, Capriccio, at Roberts & Tilton, Culver City, CA.

Jan 12-Feb 25, 2017 Matt Johnson, MFA '03: solo exhibition, Wood Sculpture, at 303 Gallery, New York.

Jan 7-Feb 15, 2017 Devin Kenny, MFA '13 in group exhibition, The Visible Hand, at CUE Art Foundation, New York.

Jan 7-Feb 11, 2017 Karl Haendel, MFA '03: solo exhibition, BY AND BY, at Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects.

Jan 7-Feb 5, 2017 Lena Wolek, BA '12: solo exhibition, Arbitrator's Clauset at Egyptian Art & Antiques, Beverly Hills.

Jan 4-Feb 12, 2017 Naotaka Hiro, BA '97; Nathan Danilowicz, MFA '07; Annie Lapin, MFA '07; and Gala Porras-Kim, BA '07 in group exhibition, The Ecstasy of Mary Shelley at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE).

Jan 4-Feb 4, 2017 Arleen Hendler, MA '62: solo exhibition, Works on Paper at FIG Gallery, Santa Monica.

Jan 4-Feb 4, 2017 Devin Kenny, MFA '13 in group exhibition, BEAT at Bronx Art Space, New York.

December News EJ Hill, MFA '13 was awarded the 2016 William H. Johnson Prize.

  Samira Yamin, BA '06 was awarded a Joan Mitchell Foundation 2016 Painters & Sculptors Grant.

  Gala Porras-Kim, BA '07 was awarded the Joan Mitchell Foundation 2016 Emerging Artist Grant.

  Trisha Donnelly, BA '96 was named the winner of Germany's prestigious Wolfgang Hahn Prize 2017 from the Gesellschaft für Moderne Kunst, Cologne.

  Patricia Fernández, BA '02; Leyla Cardenas, MFA '04; Renée Lotenero, MFA '04; Carmen Argote, MFA '07; Visiting Faculty Olga Koumoundouros were selected to participate in the 2017 California-Pacific Triennial at the Orange County Museum of Art, Newport Beach, CA, May 6-September 3, 2017.

Dec 12, 2016-June 25, 2017 Matthew Brandt, MFA '08 in group exhibition, The Poetics of Place: Contemporary Photographs from The Met Collection at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Fifth Avenue, New York.

Dec 10, 2016-Jan 28, 2017 Naotaka Hiro, BA '97: solo exhibition, Peaking, at The Box, Los Angeles.

November News Ava Porter, BA '07 received a US Fulbright in Filmmaking to shoot a documentary in Bashkortostan, Russia with Farhad Akhmetov.

  Julia Scher, BA '75 exhibited Predictive Engineering3 in the group exhibition, Film as Place, at SFMOMA. Next summer Julia will be teaching in the summer program at SFAI.

Nov 20, 2016-May 21, 2017 Paul Sietsema, MFA '99 in group exhibition, Question the Wall Itself at the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN.

Nov 20, 2017-Jan 28, 2017 Rachel Mason, BA '01 and Timo Fahler, MFA '12 in group exhibition, forward, at ltd Los Angeles.

Nov 17, 2016-Mar 5, 2017 Betye Saar, BA '49 in group exhibition, Circa 1970 at the Studio Museum in Harlem, New York.

Nov 10, 2016-Mar 5, 2017 Wendy Red Star, MFA '06: solo exhibition, Wendy Red Star: 2016 Betty Bowen Award Winner, at Seattle Art Museum.

Nov 9, 2016-Jan 29, 2017 Kerry Tribe, MFA '02; Brian Bress, MFA '06; Wu Tsang, MFA '10 are participating in the Biennale of Moving Images 2016 at the Centre d'Art Contemporain Genève, Switzerland.

Nov 3, 2016-Jan 21, 2017 Matthew Brandt, MFA '08: solo exhibition, River and Sky, at Yossi Milo Gallery, New York.

Oct 30, 2016-April 2, 2017 Uta Barth, MFA '85; Analia Saban, MFA '05; Brenna Youngblood, MFA '06; Professor Emeritus James Welling; and Visiting Faculty Mario Ybarra in group exhibition, L.A. Exuberance: New Gifts by Artists, at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Oct 29, 2016-Apr 30, 2017 Nick Aguayo, BA '07 in 3-person exhibition, Be With Me, a Small Exhibition of Large Paintings, at the New Mexico Museum of Art, Santa Fe, NM.

Oct 22, 2016-Jan 29, 2017 Matthew Brandt, MFA '08; Farrah Karapetian, MFA '08; Professors Emeriti Robert Heinecken and James Welling; in group exhibition, A Matter of Memory: Photography as Object in the Digital Age at the George Eastman Museum, Rochester, New York.

Oct 19, 2016-Feb 26, 2017 Meleko Mokgosi, MFA '11 in group exhibition, The Ease of Fiction, at the California African American Museum, Los Angeles.

Oct 15, 2016-Feb 26, 2017 Devin Kenny, MFA '13 in group exhibition, Missed Connections at the Julia Stoschek Collection, Düsseldorf, Germany.

Oct 15, 2016-Feb 25, 2017 Salomon Huerta, MFA '98; Carolyn Castaño, MFA '01; Shizu Saldamando, BA '00, and Visiting Faculty Mario Ybarra in group exhibition, Tastemakers & Earthshakers: Notes from Los Angeles Youth Culture, 1943-2016, at the Vincent Price Art Museum, Monterey Park, CA.

Oct 15, 2016-Jan 29, 2017 Matthew Brandt, MFA '08; CJ Heyliger, MFA '15 are included in Boundless: A California Invitational, at the Museum of Photographic Arts, San Diego.

Oct 12, 2016-Apr 24, 2017 Dashiell Manley, MFA '11: solo exhibition, New to the Cantor: Dashiell Manley, at Cantor Arts Center, Stanford University, Stanford, CA.

Oct 2, 2016-Sept 30, 2017 Carmen Argote, MFA '07: Two-part solo exhibition of installation and sculpture, Workbook/Notebook, at the Armory Center for the Arts' La Casita, Pasadena.

Sept 30, 2016-Feb 18, 2017 Rebecca Campbell, MFA '01: solo exhibition, The Potato Eaters, at Brigham Young University Museum of Art, Provo, Utah.

Sept 24, 2016-Mar 18, 2017 Analia Saban, MFA '05: solo exhibition at Blaffer Art Museum, University of Houston, TX.

Sept 22, 2016-Jan 22, 2017 John Divola, MFA '74; Evan Holloway, MFA '97; Hannah Greely, BA '02; Math Bass, MFA '11, and Associate Professor Rodney McMillian; Professor Catherine Opie; Professors Emeriti Paul McCarthy and Charles Ray in group exhibition, Los Angeles - A Fiction, at Astrup Fearnley Museet, Oslo, Norway.

Sept 13, 2016-Jan 29, 2017 Whitney Hubbs, MFA '09 in Recent Acquisitions in Focus: Latent Narratives at the Getty Museum, Los Angeles.

Sept 10, 2016-Feb 19, 2017 Matthew Brandt, MFA '08 in group exhibition, New matter: recent forms of photography, at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia.

August News Lauren Berger, BA '09 is a Designer at Pinterest.

July News Tameka Norris, BA '10; Lucas Blalock, MFA '13 in artnet news' 9 Emerging Artists You Need to Know About Right Now.

June 4, 2016-June 4, 2017 Shana Lutker, MFA '05 and Sarah Beadle, BA '09 in group exhibition, Warren Neidich The Artist's Library at LAXART, Hollywood, CA.

April News Iris Hu, BA '13 was awarded a 2016 Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowship.

  Wu Tsang, MFA '10 was awarded a 2016 fellowship from the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation.

Apr 21, 2016-March 2017 Matt Johnson, MFA '03: group exhibition, Wanderlust, for High Line Art, New York.

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